We Offer a Choice of Courses

Choose between a Light Aircraft Pilot’s License and a Personal Pilot’s license. Contact us for more information.

Light Aircraft

Light Aircraft Pilot’s License (LAPL)

The Light Aircraft Pilot’s License allows you to act as PIC (Pilot in charge) on single engine piston aircraft, with a maximum weight of 2000kg and a maximum of 3 passengers.

Initially conceived as a recreational license for those budding pilots that perhaps just wanted to fly in their own country and who enjoy the thrill of flying. The LAPL license requires fewer hours to gain and therefor has is a significant cost benefit.

The medical requirements are also less stringent. However, you will still be able to demonstrate the same level of skill and competency that will make you a safe pilot.

The LAPL is ideal for someone who wants to get the most of flying around the local area.


Personal Pilot’s License

PPL stands for ‘Private Pilot’s Licence’ and is effectively the aviation equivalent of a drivers licence. Your PPL entitles you to pilot an aircraft privately and with non-commercial passengers. A PPL is more akin to a foundation for pilot training which you can then build experience and add additional flying privileges.

A PPL Enables you to act as pilot in command (PIC) on aeroplanes in non-commercial operations. This licence allows you to fly G regestered aircraft in Europe, carry passengers, hire aircraft, and add additional ratings. This licence is a stepping stone for those who wish to pursue a career in Aviation.

Young Pilot